According to Agatha Fox at, the average adult’s attention span is just 8 seconds. So I thought I’d try to quickly tell you a little about…oh damn, I’m losing you…look, why don’t you click on some of my stuff instead. Thanks.

HK Airport Express

Hong Kong’s airport used to be, frighteningly, nestled right among the apartments. The new airport, on an island, was to be served by a high-speed train that actually made getting there quicker. Amazing! And so was the commercial.

“Bringing the airport back to the city”

Ericsson Kam Fan Gold Winner

Asia’s Cannes. This Gold was part of 5 socially responsible spots about telecommunications directed by Zhang Yimou. And China’s first Kam Fan.

Me, working with Mike Fromowitz, ECD.

Citizen Eco-watch

A slightly eerie, magical commercial for a watch powered by light, any light. Because that’s eerie too.

The Lily Apartments

A different approach to the joys of living in a high-end apartment by the beach in Repulse Bay… from a dreamily different point of view.

Moto Ski

A blast from the past. 2 demonstrations of why they were tougher 7 ways. And why Ski-Doo was forced to buy them.

Hysan Place

A new shopping centre video used to lift the ambitions of potential tenants. They rented it all out. Fast.


1 of 5 videos about Hong Kong made to go on the road and sell the city in London, New York, etc. Local and international celebrities make the point. The most successful campaign for HK ever.

Print: Standard Chartered

For 2 ½ years I was responsible for all English copy (TV, brochures, eDMs, posters, micro-sites and more for the bank. No job too ordinary, no job too small. Experience counts when you’re being a profit center.

Print: Equeposters

At the Olympics, Beijing couldn’t host the equestrian events because of animal health standards. But Hong Kong could. And boy, were we proud! This one shows the famous Star Ferry. And got Hongkongers out to the show in droves.

Print: The Albany

In a world where apartments rub shoulders with each other, here’s another high-end apartment, but its only neighbor is the Zoological Gardens. Location adding value.

Print: The Contest

Large OOH posters in the subway contest. Entries were doubled from the year before. And posters in general got better.

Print: Air China

Listing on the London Stock Exchange, ads around the world, and a proud client with a classy ad that put them in the big leagues.

Print: ParknShop

Hong Kong’s largest grocery chain upped its “International” stores’ sales figures 25% with 12 double-page Sunday magazine ads.

Print: VW

A trek across China. Yes, Mike writes winning, readable advertorials too.

Print: The Garden Hotel

Campaign of 4 print ads in Fortune, Forbes, etc by a state-owned hotel in Guangzhou, trying for “international” travelers + MICE business. Hugely successful but actual numbers a state secret.

Print: South China Morning Post

Part of a series aiming to position the paper as Required Reading for the business person. This was shot in Sir David Tang’s private China Club. Image boosted, sales up.